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I've heard that other platforms support auto-deployment of their code to production when they push changes to their Git repository.

Can I set up something similar to this for AppEngine? How?

I'm using Python2.7 on Windows, and bitbucket as a repository.


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Since app engine deploy is just a python script, why can't you just write a shell script that calls 'git push' followed by 'python appcfg.py deploy'?

Any bitbucket hooks that will send from bitbucket->appengine after you upload to app is probably a bad idea since it will require storing your app engine login credentials on github.

Other projects might have your app server pull from github/bitbucket. You can do this if your app engine site just serves static websites using http://drydrop.binaryage.com/, but you can't update actual running code this way.

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Note : you can cache python code and import modules (python code) from a remote site and reload them with an import hook, but you cannot do it with drydrop.binaryage.com –  voscausa Dec 26 '12 at 17:28

Recently, App Engine added Push to Deploy features: https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/push-to-deploy

It only has built in support for GitHub, but it might still be possible to configure BitBucket to work with it.

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