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I am writing an xmpp-based chat client using gloox 1.0. I can not find out the way to use gloox to get active rooms list on the server (rooms that other users have created). I use openfire as my local server. How can I do that?

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You need to create a Disco object, and a custom class that inherits DiscoHandler.

To query the list you call getDiscoItems(muc_server_jid, ...). Your DiscoHandler should implement handleDiscoItems(), which receives a Disco::Items object, items.

You can use items.itemList() to get a std::list of pointers to Disco::Item objects. For each Disco::Item you can call item.jid() and item.name() to get the address and (optional) name of the room.

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Many thanks! I will try it. –  Thuyễn Thi Apr 24 '12 at 3:12
I have my class: ChatBotDiscoHandler_cl: public DiscoHandler implementing handleDiscoItems( const JID& from, const Disco::Items& items, int context );. Then I call m_pClient->disco()->getDiscoItems(m_pClient->jid().server(), EmptyString, new ChatBotDiscoHandler_cl(), 0);. However, when I debug, it does not run into my derived method. Please show me where I am wrong? –  Thuyễn Thi Apr 25 '12 at 3:36
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