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I've started playing with the "load batch" capabilities of the iTunes Connect Application Loader, but am not sure from the documentation how to include multiple languages? It appears that I need to add 2 columns for each new language (Displayed Name/Description), but I'm unclear on what the column header needs to be. Here's the apple documentation:


Column Name: Description @@language@@

A user-visible description (from 10 to 255 characters) where @@language@@ is a supported localized language. You can add a new column for each localized language description.

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After 2 hours of hard googling, I have not found any answer on this question.

But after one more hour of attempts to guess it, i found that you should just create two columns for each language and named them like "Display Name English" or "Display Name Russian" for example.

UPD: forgot to say, i prepare my InApp tables in Excel

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