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i have a GWT web application project and i will deploy it to Tomcat. before deploying it, i want to set a log file so that i can trace if some errors occur like JavaScriptException. how can i do this?

as i did some research, i've read that GWT's default logging does not emulate the FileHandler that allow me write my log file to a specific file. Then from some forums about logging, someone has been using log4j but log4j is for Java (am i right?).

how can i do the logging for my GWT app?

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You can use the built in logging capabilities of GWT. In particular you will be mostly interested in remote logging, which sends log messages logged on the client to the server in an RPC call (obviously you only want to use this in exceptional circumstances).

You can also use the gwt-log project and consider using the RemoteLogger.

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