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Please see the Image below and you will get the context related to my question .

enter image description here

The web site is a Site for talented Photographers where they can Upload Pictures and allow others to see what they have taken .

I am struck Up in my work , due to a design Issue .

A user ( No registration required ) can open my Website and Upload details like Name , Mobile , description , Image (The same user can upload different images ) at which mobile number is mantadatory field . so while Uploading the Picture , i am appending it with Mobile Number + FileName.jpg , and the Image will be stored inside a folder inside my server and the remaining details like mobile num , desc , name --etc will be Stored inside MYSQL Database . (This is one part and its completed )

2nd part is On Page start up , i am getting all the images (latest 20 fixed ) from the that folder and showing it on the page .

So when any user clicks on a particulr Image i need to show the deetails like Desc , Name , ---etc , so on onclick event of that image , i am picking up the Mobile number from the image clicked and making a search in Database . (Now there is a problem here ) that is , A same user ( that is with same mobile number ) can upload different pictures to the web site , so the search using the Mobile number will give me many results .

The picture name format is 83746787695iokI.jpg .

I am ready to chAange any format , so please tell how this can be solved

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Given a filename 83746787695iokI.jpg you should be able to parse the uploader phone number and the original filename, then query your table of photos using those values. A regex for that could be:


Having said that, you should consider assigning a unique identifier to each photo and use it to name your saved files. An id column in MySQL could look like this:


After insertion, get the id of the new row (LAST_INSERT_ID() in MySQL) and save your file with its name being #{id}.jpg.

Note that the autoincremented id is a predictable integer, your filenames will be 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc. A simple script can be used to download all images from your server. To avoid that, name your files using a random generated unique string instead, e.g. UUID. Store that string in a new column in your table and use that to identify your photos.

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It is is you can use a different primary key. You may use autonumber field or you can use timestamps while storing an image in database :)

and for design i suggest you to go http://www.dynamicdrive.com/

Regards Red

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I would not like to go for timestamps , thinking about autonumber , could you please provide more details on autonumber ( Incase the application grows upto lakhs ) –  user1253847 Apr 23 '12 at 5:16
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