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I'm running Drupal 6.12 and I've installed the CCK, ImageField, FileField and ImageCache modules. I've create a new content type called 'Photo' and then click on 'Manage Fields', so that I can add an ImageField to this content type.

When I do this, ImageField isn't in the drop-down list. I've searched around and other people don't seem to be having this issue, so clearly I must be doing something wrong. I even created a new test site and installed just those modules from scratch, but I still get the same behaviour.

Have you had this? If so, I'd be really grateful to learn how you fixed it. I want to make a gallery of image nodes in Drupal and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it.

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You need to first select "file" under the Type of data to store and then from the subsequent dropdown (a little to the right) you will be able to select "image" under Form element to edit the data.

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Brilliant! Thanks very much. If only the book could've told me that! –  Jaymie Jun 27 '09 at 15:01

ImageField uses a different API for Drupal 6, it is now based on FileField module (previously was Image API). So ImageField is now widget of FileField, which makes more sense.

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