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For Tasks assigned to me, I see how I can do

curl -u <api_key>: "https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/tasks?workspace=14916&assignee=me"

I am trying to make a quick page that breaks down my current tasks and links to Asana for me, so I can have my own quick dashboard.

I have my API Key

  • It lists all Workspaces I am a part of.
  • If I click a Workspace it shows all Projects inside of that space
  • If I click a Project I want to see only the Tasks that have been assigned to me inside of that Project.

  • If I add the Project ID to that above call, it sends me back every item in the Project, not just those assigned to me.

  • If I leave the Project ID out, it returns all tasks assigned to me, even those outside of the project.

Did I miss something?

Thanks for any help!

Note: I would add the Asana tag, but it doesn't appear to exist yet.

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It seems that in the current version of the API the assignee parameter is ignored when specified for projects. Regardless of what I put below, I get the same result: all tasks.

curl -u <api-key>: "https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/projects/<pid>/tasks?assignee=here-it-can-be-anything"
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I'm having trouble with this too - it seems you can't expand projects when querying tasks - and you can't get tasks by project... The former is actually preferred since you could provide a task list by project if you could expand on project.

As it is, you can get a list of tasks, then loop through and get the full task by task-id, but that takes a while...

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