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The values in a column has both negative and positive integers. I want to sort the column by its absolute value. How do I do this preferably in Access or in SQL? Thanks.

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... order by abs(yourfield)? –  Marc B Apr 23 '12 at 4:34

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Use the ABS() function on the column you want to sort. ie:


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select col1, Abs(col2) from table Order by 2;

Order by 2, takes 2nd column in the select statement, you can specify any number representing the sequence in the select
It's not a recommended practice, because:

  1. It's not obvious/explicit
  2. If the column order changes, the query is still valid so you risk ordering by something you didn't intend

One other way could be to use Column Alias: Something like:

select Abs(col1) as ABSID, * from Table order by ABSID;
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Sorting has two types,Ascending and Descending. Sql provides the Function(order by) asc for ascending and desc for descending...

For Example: A table has list of values such as, Employee_ID 01 02 06 08 04

The values can be sorted in ascending order as,

Select Employee_ID FROM tablename order by Employee_ID ASC

This lists the values in ascending order such as, Employee_ID 01 02 04 06 08

The values can be sorted in descending order as,

Select Employee_ID FROM tablename order by Employee_ID DESC

This lists the values in descending order such as, Employee_ID 08 06 04 02 01

Hope, You got your answer.Revert back for more clarifications..

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where does this answer address the "absolute value" referred to in the question? –  dav1dsm1th Feb 5 '14 at 9:32

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