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Hi, I want to order a list of dictionaries based on an ordered criteria in the most Pythonic way. For example:

[{'foo': FOO1}, {'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO10}]

The criteria is variable, for example, I want to order first by [FOO2, FOO1, FOO8, FOO10], the result would be:

[{'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO1}, {'foo': FOO10}]

Then, the situation changes and now we have another criteria [FOO2, FOO10, FOO1], the result would be:

[{'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO10}, {'foo': FOO1}]

Note: The criteria will always have the symbols related to key 'foo'.

Any ideas?

to_sort = [{'foo': FOO1}, {'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO10}]
to_sort.sort(key=lambda x: x....)

EDIT: I figured it out:

>>> to_sort = [{'foo': FOO1}, {'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO10}]
>>> criteria = [FOO10, FOO2, FOO1]
>>> to_sort.sort(key=lambda x: criteria.index(x['foo']))
>>> to_sort
[{'foo': FOO10}, {'foo': FOO2}, {'foo': FOO1}]

Kind regards

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You want list.index().

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