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i am using telerik controls in my project, any body tell me how embed telerik dropdown in telerik grid view with a example project mvc3+razor(cshtml) and controller code is c#. please help me it is urgent.

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where do you want to embed it in the columns? –  3nigma Apr 23 '12 at 5:36

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From Controller just using a TempData or ViewBag to pass data to the View.

List<AdjustmentReasonCodes> salesAuditReasons = new List<AdjustmentReasonCodes>();
salesAuditReasons = salesDal.SalesAuditResonCodes();

TempData["SalesAuditReason"] = salesAuditReasons;

TempData["CStatus"] = salesDal.ReadCustomerListWithRecoveryStatus(objLoginHelper.LogInForUnitCode, Convert.ToByte(ctype), Helper.DateTo(Helper.YearMonthPrevious(2)));

Now just use a list to the view page to hold the TempData

    List<AdjustmentReasonCodes> salesAuditReasons = new List<AdjustmentReasonCodes>();
    salesAuditReasons = (List<AdjustmentReasonCodes>)TempData["SalesAuditReason"];

You can add Combo-box very easy using Template.

<div class="DataGridXScroll">
     List<GetCustomerListWithRecoveryStatus> listCustomerStatus = new List<GetCustomerListWithRecoveryStatus>();
     listCustomerStatus = (List<GetCustomerListWithRecoveryStatus>)TempData["CStatus"];

                    if (listCustomerStatus != null)

            .DataKeys(keys => keys.Add(k => k.CustCode))
            .Columns(column =>
                column.Bound(a => a.CustCode).Width(100).HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "GridColumnLeftAlign" }).Title("Customer ID");

                column.Template(@<input type="text" class="GridTextBoxRightAlign" style="width:62px;" id="@("salesAudit" + @item.CustCode.Replace(" ", "").Replace("-", "").Trim())" value="@(@item.AuditAdjustmentWithoutDPInCurrentMonth.ToString("0"))" />).Title("Audit Adjustment").Width(80);

                column.Template(@<select id="@("ddlSalesAuditReason" + @item.CustCode.Replace(" ", "").Replace("-", "").Trim())" class="DropDown">
                    <option value="0">--Select--</option>
                    @foreach (AdjustmentReasonCodes adrc in salesAuditReasons)
                        if (item.RefReasonForAuditAdjustment == adrc.ReasonCode)
                        <option value="@(adrc.ReasonCode)" selected="selected">@adrc.ReasonDescription</option> 
                        <option value="@(adrc.ReasonCode)">@adrc.ReasonDescription</option>
                </select>).Title("Audit Reason").Width(135);              

            .Pageable(page => page.PageSize(100))
            .Scrollable(scroll => scroll.Height(300))

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