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I am C++/MFC/Qt/Win32 developer. I wanted to move towards device driver programming. Recently I have purchased Windows 7 Device Driver by Ronald D. Reeves. And then, when I looked at reviews at Amazon, I got discouraged. Can you suggest how should I proceed towards device driver programming.


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Make sure to start with Windows Internals (6th edition is out now) before getting deeper in Programming the Windows Driver Model. This last one might be out of print, but you can still find it used or available as an e-book. It is older, but the WDM is largely the same and it is a fantastic introduction into the theoretical bits as well as the hands-on kernel mode device driver development. After these 2 books, you can easily tackle the windows driver frameworks (KMDF and UMDF). Device driver development is a huge area. There are many classes of drivers you would want or need to develop and various frameworks to help you do that, but I would definitely start with these 2 books.

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Hey Thanks. Seems to be good suggestion. Can you give me Authors name or exact book name for 'Programming the Windows Driver Model'. –  Pranit Kothari Apr 23 '12 at 6:22
Thanks Marcel . –  Pranit Kothari Apr 23 '12 at 11:11

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