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I am failry new at using the gps function. What my code does is it allows the user to select a point on the map, and it drops a marker. I also want it to draw a trail to the selected point to guide the user to the location.

I am not really sure how to go about doing so, if sombody can maybe help me find a tutorial, of some sort that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advanced!

  OverlayItem overlayItem = new OverlayItem(
                                            touchedpoint, "AYO", "Whats good yo");
                                    CustomPinpoint custom = new CustomPinpoint(d,
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is your issue solved – Agarwal Shankar Apr 29 '12 at 3:27
No this issue still has not been solved – The Tokenizer May 23 '12 at 2:10

you can use MyLocationOverlay, it shows you compass and location ;)

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