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I need to use an external function for my success callback and I don't know how to pass the json object to my function.

success: myFunction(data);  

And my function looks this way:

function myFunction(result2){

The error is: undefined result2...

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Try this way,

 success: function(data){

or ...

success: myFunction 
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How about you implement both success and fail-callback methods (jquery documentation). You can also chain these instead of providing them in the initial ajax settings-object like so:

Here is a fiddle

    // basic settings
}).done(function(response) {
    // do something when the request is resolved
}).fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus) {
    // when it fails you might want to set a default value or whatever?
}).always(function() {
    // maybe there is something you always want to do?
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function fun(){
        url : "",
        dataType: "json",
        contentType: "application/json;charset=utf-8",
        type: "GET",
        success: function ( output ) {
            var data = eval( output );
            document.getElementById("datetime").innerHTML = "Server Date&Time: "+data.servertime;
            document.getElementById("hostname").innerHTML = "Server Hostname: "+data.hostname;
            document.getElementById("serverip").innerHTML = "Server IP Address: "+data.serverip;
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