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In my example I want to individually markup letters in the word "word"

  %span.w W
  %span.o O
  %span.r R
  %span.d D

As it is, this produces html like

<span class="word">
  <span class="w">W</span>
  <span class="o">O</span>
  <span class="r">R</span>
  <span class="d">D</span>

As you'd expect this displays as


But I want it to display as


How can tell haml to remove all whitespace within the %span.word block?

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  %span.w> W
  %span.o> O
  %span.r> R
  %span.d> D

> (for whitespaces around a tag) and < (for whitespaces inside a tag) are used for whitespace removal.

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that's great, thank you! –  Matthew Rudy Apr 23 '12 at 7:05

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