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I ask a similar question here, I need to keep current URL and add new parameter to it, the only answer (yet) is :

RouteValueDictionary rt = new RouteValueDictionary();
foreach(string item in Request.QueryString.AllKeys)
  rt.Add(item,    Request.QueryString.GetValues(item).FirstOrDefault());

rt.Add("RC", RowCount);
return RedirectToAction("Index", rt);

So is there any other way to avoid of repetition over Request.QueryString and just get current url and add new parameter?

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you don't need to iterate the collection... you could simply append your parameters to the request's RawUrl:

    public ActionResult TestCurrentUrl(string foo)
        var request = ControllerContext.HttpContext.Request;

        if (foo != "bar")
            var url = request.RawUrl;

            if (request.QueryString.Count == 0)
                url += "?foo=bar";
                url += "&foo=bar";

            return Redirect(url);

        return Content(String.Format("Foo: {0}", foo));
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