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I was using this tutorial and got it working but I wanted to only draw the points of the triangle. When I set the mode in drawArrays from GLES20.GL_TRIANGLES to GLES20.GL_POINTS nothing is drawn. Alternatively just setting the point size in the vertex shader also draws nothing. What am I missing?

Looking at code like this this I'm not sure what I would need since I don't want to use a texture unless I have to.

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"Simple OpenGL Primitives" says:

Points can make excellent particle effects such as sparks, or dust particles glimmering as they pass through the rays of light. Even though we are working with 3D graphics, rendering a single point on the screen by itself creates an illusion of 2D space, because our monitor screens are flat, or 2-dimensional and there is nothing to indicate depth. Therefore, one way to make points seem interactive is to have them move on the screen in interesting patterns such as circles, spirals and variations of the sine and cosine formulas.

But if you only want that your points be visible,you can use glPointSize(float size) or glPointSize(int size) like this:


And on the other hand,OpenGL ES 2.0 support Point Sprites and in vertex shader, you can set the size with gl_PointSize like this:

uniform float uThickness;
gl_PointSize = uThickness;    

Pro Open GL ES for Android

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