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in android 4.0 resource there are new drawable ,layout ,value folder for example drawable-sw600dp,layout-sw600dp,value-sw600dp.i want to know what the affect about them.i am also to know the phobe how to call the many layout 2.x phone first match 320*240_layout ,if no this ,then other hdpi phone called layout.but i found at4.x if have 320*240_layout,other hdpi phone not use layout folder also use 320*240,am i right?

enter image description here

second image

you see the two pics,they are the luncher4.0.1,first launcher only modify the package of launcher not modify any code. the second pic is default launcher2. i donot know why can difference,they run at the same phone samsung galxy one,and the code are the same. frist i think the problem is resolution cause,but i think it not.can you tell me why show the result? thank you

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if you cannot understand the question,you can see the difference between the images. if you cannot know luncher,you cannot know the question. – pengwang May 12 '12 at 2:15
@userSeven7s Google Translate formats English in Human-Readable format. The grammar spacing is generally correct, and it capitalises recognised nouns and the first word in a sentence. The OP may have used it to aid in his translations, but he certainly didn't post it's raw output. – abkai May 12 '12 at 10:52

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I have solved the problem. In the source code, I deleted layout.createHardwareLayer();. Now the effect looks like the second pic.

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