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I am using FORM authentication, together with Realm. I would like to know how can I log out.

The only solution so far is to close browser, but that's not acceptable from the usability standpoint.


As pointed by the accepted answer

((HttpServletRequest) request).getSession().invalidate();
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Thanks for adding the solution in bold! Has probably (not tested yet but seems right) saved me from surfing the web for half an hour. –  Zhubarb Feb 4 '13 at 11:18

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Most likely, invalidating the session (HttpSession's "invalidate()" command) will log out the user -- when you close the browser, you're doing the equivalent.

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Most forms of authentication use a cookie on the browser to track the session, so you only need to delete that cookie. The Firefox plugin Web Developer can give you a list of cookies for the current domain.

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