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I want to visualize some data in my Windows Phone app. So I'm using the charting control from this namespace: System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit. And everything is working fine, but I want to display another value on the x axis then numbers.

This is the XAML code for the charting control:

<charting:Chart x:Name="gluChart">
    <Style TargetType="datavis:Legend">
      <Setter Property="Width" Value="0"/>
      <Setter Property="Height" Value="0"/>
  <charting:AreaSeries Name="gluLineChart" ItemsSource="{Binding}" IndependentValuePath="X"  dependentValuePath="Y" BorderThickness="0"/>

And this is in the code behind file (GlucoseItem is an item in an database, which allows to save date, time, value and a simple note):

List<Point> points = new List<Point>();
int i = 1;
foreach (GlucoseItem gi in App.GluViewModel.AllGlucoseItems)
  points.Add(new Point(i, Convert.ToDouble(gi.GlucoseValue)));
this.gluChart.DataContext = points;

But now I want to show the date on the x axis and not a number. How can I fix the problem. And I have another problem with this charting control: it shows a blue line arount the charting control, but I cannot hide it.

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This blog post describes how to formate the date on DateTimeAxis.


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