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how can i make a collection that can store a data type (say string, datetime, decimal, etc..)? and that use this collection to perform comparison as such:

if (pi.PropertyType.IsIn ([how can check against the collection of type) //where pi is a property info]))


any suggestions?

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List<Type> types = new List<Type> {typeof(string), typeof(int)};
if (types.Contains(pi.PropertyType))
  //do stuff
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+1 just what i was looking for! –  user384080 Apr 23 '12 at 22:15

Hopefully I understand your question correctly. First a more precise definition of collection type is required. Here is what I will use:

  • Collections are generic

  • Collections are implementing one of the standard collection interfaces like IList<T>, ICollection<T> or IEnumerable<T>. In this example a collection type is a type deriving from IEnumerable<T>.

To discover if a type is a collection you have to get the interfaces it implements using GetInterfaces(), only look at generic interfaces using IsGenericType and then get the generic type (i.e. going from IList<String> to IList<>) using GetGenericTypeDefinition():

var genericCollectionType = typeof(IEnumerable<>);
var isCollection = pi
  .Where(type => type.IsGenericType)
  .Select(type => type.GetGenericTypeDefinition())
if (isCollection) {
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