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I am trying to get CSS3 behavior on IE8 using the .htc file

So there are 2 things that I am applying on the same element (rounded corner & gradient)

But for some reasons, I cannot get the 2 effects to work simultaneously...The gradient is applied, but rounded corner is not. It works if I apply the class individually (i.e. only rounded corner OR only gradient).

You can see the page at (See the Curriculum/Classes divs)

Please help me.

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Not possible to tell without looking at your CSS code, but theres probably a syntax error in your CSS which is causing one of them to fail. To confirm this, add a property directly below the one that fails and you should see it has no effect.

Edit: this doesnt work in IE8, but it doesnt cause my CSS to break in IE8 either.

border-radius: 10px;

Microsoft also has its propriety gradient tool:


But the best way to show a gradient is to draw one on photoshop, then cut the width to 1px and use that image as a background image.

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You can also use css pie ( – Undefined Apr 23 '12 at 9:45

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