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I have a mobile site that loads pages with ajax. One of the features I would like to add is to reset the zoom level when a page changes.

Is there a good method to detect if a user zoomed the view while viewing a page?

Until now I've managed to do the check for pinch zoom. But sometimes there is double tap zooming too ..

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When you say page changes, you can just add the meta properties on each of those pages setting initial-scale and maximum-scale as 1.0 ...This would make the page load in 100% zoom mode. –  testndtv Apr 23 '12 at 8:34
Reseting the viewport content attribute will make a little "blink" effect on some devices, and I want to do that only when necessary (user has modified zoom level). –  gabitzish Apr 23 '12 at 8:44

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You can get the users zoom level by comparing the innerWidth and document width. Document width is the width of the device in pixels, inner width is the pixels which are on screen when zoomed (in relation to what the document width initially was). I have tested this on android (ICS and Jellybean), and iOS (5 and 6) and it seems to work. Note, I do not have my viewport set to device width or height

  ratio = document.width / window.innerWidth

  if ratio > 1 then zommed else notZoomed

Then you can do this check whenever a user makes a double tap or a pinch.

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It doesn't work on Firefox (ratio is NaN) but it works well on Android default browser and iOS. –  Michaël Witrant Oct 13 '14 at 8:13
you need to use document.body.clientWidth instead of document.width which is no longer supported –  fadomire Jul 6 at 8:56

you can set the contents of the [meta name="viewport"] tag using javascript to set the zoom level, unfortunately i haven't found a way to detect what the current zoom level is

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