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I am trying to auto submit form using webbrowser control. I am using the following code to submit"


Now this methods works fine. But sometimes a form may have some javascript function that is called on button click at the time of submission. So let's say if a form has some button image called "Submit" and when a user presses it, a javascript function somefunction() is called and then form is submitted.

Problem is when I use the above method InvokeMember then it only submits the form and doesn't execute associated scripts (in this case somefunction()) and I have to manually write code


But this requires that I know before hand if there is some function. Is there any way I submit form and it will automatically run all associated javascript?

And I don't know button name or ID either which is clicked by user to submit form. Because in some cases it may not even have ID or name for e.g.

<span class="btn" onclick="somefunction()">
<img style="cursor:pointer" title="Submit" alt="Submit" src="">
<div id="s" style=""></div>
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Oof. That <span onClick> example that you gave is going to make this a really tough problem to solve in the general case. In your <span onClick> example, I assume that typing stuff into the form and pressing <kbd>Enter</kbd> doesn't work, either. If the browser can't spot the submit button, I don't give your wrapper good odds... – sblom Apr 26 '12 at 18:02
You can simulate a click on anything but you can't determine this action eventually end up doing a submit. So, the answer to the question "Is there any way I submit form and it will automatically run all associated javascript?" is yes, provided you know where to click. – Simon Mourier Apr 27 '12 at 12:47
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It's been a while since I have messed around with the WebBrowser control, but I used to make it jump through hoops for me. I've come across this issue in the past.

When you get a Form object, take the string out of the OnSubmit and run this to execute it before submitting the form:

object[] codeString = {"myObject.setVariable(0);"};

Works like a charm.

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If you know the name or id of the image tag you can use




to call the associate function in javascript

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