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I've been asked to hold a small workshop in work for a group of developers.. these developers have been working in Winforms for a while so should be able to pick it up pretty quickly!

The first workshop I'm going to do will cover the very basics of WPF.. so far I've came up with the following topics

  • Controls (which do what and how to use them).
  • Styles
  • Triggers & Databinding
  • how to convert a winforms-esc view to WPF using MVVM

So my question is this, If someone was trying to teach you WPF from the start (pretend you absolutely no knowledge) .. what are the things you would have liked to know and what would have made a big help to you? also, is there any advice you would like me to pass on to new and budding WPF developers :) ?

Edit: Also - does anyone have any ideas for a practical task I could give out? I was thinking along the lines of restyling a button control and using the command and command param properties?


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In addition to your topics, I prefer

  • XAML and its relationship with code-behind
  • Dependency properties
  • Layout
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Thanks for that, I was planning on leaving dependency and attached properties till the next workshop.. I was going to create a new custom control to really show the power of WPF and its lookless nature! –  Steoates Apr 23 '12 at 8:28

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