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I'm using the simple_form gem. I have a fairly straightforward scenario. I have a scoped route and I'm trying to get a form:

= simple_form_for(@scope, @post) do |f|
  = f.input :comment

Simplified routes file:

scope ':scope' do
  resources :posts

However I get the error:

undefined method `input' for #<ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder:0x7f1b1eef1cb8> 

I'm using rails 3.0.12 and simple_form 1.4.2

Any advise where I'm going wrong?

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This is occurring because the simple_form_for (and the for_form too because simple_form_for is only a method delegation to it) receives as second argument the options hash. So your @post is being interpreted as options, preventing to the SimpleForm to change the form builder.

The correct way to work with scoped resource is using a array like this:

= simple_form_for([@scope, @post]) do |f|
  = f.input :comment
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One way around it this (although not ideal is to use simple_fields for. I'll stick with this until there is a better solution.

= form_for(@scope, @post) do |f|
  =f.simple_fields_for :posts do |ff|
    =ff.input :comment
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Have you restart the server after installing Gem?

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yes. If I hadn't then the error would be around the simple_form_for, not the input –  Yule Apr 23 '12 at 11:50

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