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Suddenly when I start running the windows phone7 emulator it started giving me the following error, that I have showed below in the screenshot. It worked properly previousely and also didn't change any of the settings. I am using VisualStudio Express 2010 version that introduced for phone development(The IDE). I re-started the machine and checked again, but not yet any difference. Have anyone previousely experinced the same issue.


enter image description here

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The answer is kind of in the question, isn't it? –  madd0 Apr 23 '12 at 9:20

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Somebody else had the same Problem ;) You have to delete the File. It is also explained in this Thread Error launching emulator of the windows phone 7 Mango RC

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Like the message says, just delete the file (or rename it, just in case!) and the problem should go away!

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Hi Pedro Lamas, Thanks. I deleted the file and made it run the emulator. But still the error remains... Can't figure out why... May be I'll have to re install the SDK. –  JibW Apr 23 '12 at 9:41

go to run and type below

c:\ ProgramData\Microsoft\Xda

click enter ant delete file(which guid error give in error message).

after then its work fine.

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