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i have a fieldset with checkboxToggle in Extjs 4:

   anchor: '100%',
   xtype: 'container',
   layout: 'column',
   items: [{
     id: 'fieldsetNuovaTecnologia',
     columnWidth: .50,
     xtype: 'fieldset',
     title: 'Definisci Nuova Tecnologia',
     checkboxToggle: true,
     collapsed: true,// mantiene di default chiuso il fildset
     checkboxName: 'checkboxNuovaTecnologia', 

How do I verify if it is checked or unchecked?

I tried with:

1) Ext.getCmp('checkboxNuovaTecnologia').getValue();

2) Ext.get('fieldsetNuovaTecnologia').dom.checked;

but don't work!

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Do this:

var fieldsetCheckbox = Ext.getCmp('fieldsetNuovaTecnologia').checkboxCmp;
var isChecked = fieldsetCheckbox.getValue(); // isChecked = true or false
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Thank you very much Natasha. It work perfectly!!! –  Francesco Nigro Apr 23 '12 at 10:36
You're welcome. –  Natasha Apr 23 '12 at 10:49

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