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I have a plugin which creates a new view. In my view I display certain information about certain Java classes in the project. I want to allow the user to double click on a class in my view and when s/he does, I want to open that class for editing in the editor. Basically similarly to what the Hierarchy View does: it displays the tree of classes and when the user double-clicks on one of them, it goes into the editor. How do I do that if what I have is an object of type IType?

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I will be showing a high-level implementation for your requirement. You have to do following steps.

  • first you have to do entry in Plugin.xml for the class which extends viewPart and editorPart for a view and editor respectively.
  • for the hierarchy view, you have to load the information with a tree structure in ViewPart.
  • On a node's double click Listener you have to open the editor.

To open a file in the editor, use the following code to open the editor.

 if (fileToOpen.exists() && fileToOpen.isFile()) {
     String path = //Path for that to file to open;
     IWorkbenchPage page = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow().getActivePage();
     URI fromString = org.eclipse.core.runtime.URIUtil.fromString("file://" + path);
     try {
         IEditorPart openEditor = IDE.openEditor(page, fromString, Editor.ID, true);
         IEditorInput editorInput = openEditor.getEditorInput();
     } catch ( PartInitException e ) {
         //Put your exception handler here if you wish to.
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yesterday, Editor.ID is unresolved and i can't find what's needed to resolve it. Which Required plug-in, imported package, or extension, do i need to add in order for Editor to be resolved? –  inor Apr 24 '12 at 21:01
Editor id is the id with which you register your class in plugin.xml, this should be unique to get identify the instance of editor that you want to open –  RTA Apr 25 '12 at 5:01
RTA, thanks, but i want to open a java file in the main eclipse text editor. what's the id of that editor? is there a place where one can check and find out the ID's of all eclipse editors? –  inor Apr 25 '12 at 5:37
just define a Unique id in your editor class and pass it. for example you have define public static final String ID = "javaEditor"; in class A and reference it now it works i hope. –  RTA Apr 25 '12 at 9:41

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