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I'm searching a good Latex compiler for compiling Requirement Documents? Are there any compilers or plugins that support special tags for showing requirements?

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You're searching for a package that provides macros and commands for writing documents with a certain structure / content. This has nothing to do with LaTeX compilers.

Usually, you have some template or other specification on how your document should be structured - there is no global, universally used standard on writing requirement documents. Even the definition of what exactly a Requirement Document is may vary. So it is very unlikely that there is a package that provides exactly the functionality you need.

This is a situation where you should write your own macros. You can e.g. define your own environment for a requirement, name it requirement and apply some styling and configuration on it. Consult Customizing LaTeX for a description on how to define own commands and environments.

If you plan to write multiple documents based on your macros, you may want to move them into a package. You can then use the package in multiple documents.

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thanks that's what i wanted to know. –  Niek H. Apr 23 '12 at 14:13

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