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I have the following code:

$project.PropertyGroup | Foreach {
    if($_.GetAttribute('Condition').Trim() -eq $propertyGroupConditionName.Trim()) {
        $a = $project.RemoveChild($_);
        Write-Host $_.GetAttribute('Condition')"has been removed.";

Question #1: How do I exit from ForEach? I tried using "break" and "continue", but it doesn't work.

Question #2: I found that I can alter the list within a foreach loop... We can't do it like that in C#... Why does PowerShell allow us to do that?

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Item #1. Putting a break within the foreach loop does exit the loop, but it does not stop the pipeline. It sounds like you want something like this:

foreach ($thing in $todo){
    if ($thing -eq 'some_condition'){

Item #2. PowerShell lets you modify an array within a foreach loop over that array, but those changes do not take effect until you exit the loop. Try running the code below for an example.

foreach ($value in $a){
  Write-Host $value
Write-Host $a

I can't comment on why the authors of PowerShell allowed this, but most other scripting languages (Perl, Python and shell) allow similar constructs.

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I think you meant to add a line like, $a = 1..23; in your loop to show that changes aren't reflected mid-loop execution. –  ruffin Jun 9 at 21:44

To stop the pipeline of which ForEach-Object is part just use the statement continue inside the script block under ForEach-Object. continue behaves differently when you use it in foreach(...) {...} and in ForEach-Object {...} and this is why it's possible. If you want to carry on producing objects in the pipeline discarding some of the original objects, then the best way to do it is to filter out using Where-Object.

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