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I have spring bean like:

 <bean id="testBean" class="TestBean"
  <property name="resolver" ref="resolver"....

class Resolver extends BaseResolver implements IManagementInterface

in class TestBean setter:

 public void setResolver (IManagementInterface resolver) {

But when I run I receive exception:

Cannot convert value of type Resolver to required type IManagementInterface.

But this seems not correct - because Resolver is also type IManagementInterface. What the sense of this error? Or may be I should clean install all my project?

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Can you post <bean id="resolver" /> complete definition? –  Xaerxess Apr 23 '12 at 9:44

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Do a clean install first. If this doesn't make the problem disappear, you might be experiencing a classloader problem. If your Resolver instance (and the corresponding class declarations) was loaded by a different classloader than TestBean, it belongs to a different classloader realm, and it (or specifically its super interface IManagementInterface) is thus seen by the JVM as a completely different type from the IManagementInterface parameter type of TestBean.setResolver. So one can't be cast to another.

See this earlier answer of mine for a way to verify whether or not this is the root cause.

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