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I am developing a web interface and would like to make it beautiful with CSS3. I am not using HTML5. The page will be having styling like border radius and gradient.

I want a software which validates (and supports) CSS3 styling like -moz-border-radius.

Lot of online tools are there, but I want a software that can be installed in my PC (to work offline). I am expecting the software to automatically apply -moz-border and webkit border both (i mean all possible variations and adaptations) for a single control of border radius, all CSS gradient syntax automatically for a gradient control etc.

In short I want a software which gives my complete control over CSS3, friendly for a beginner not knowing the syntax. The software may not just use autocomplete since one have to learn the syntax to use, but have controls or options to implement styles over some elements like <div>, <span> etc. The software may support WYSWYG editing of web page including live page preview (Something like Style Master). The software may also notify about multiple browser compatibility.

Help me choose right software.

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HTML and CSS are not compiled languages, and vendor prefixes are not valid CSS and you cannot get them to validate at all. – BoltClock May 3 '12 at 10:07

I m not sure if any editor will automatically apply the webkit declaration when you type in the moz declaration. Having said that, you can try Komodo Edit (it's free and platform independent) which supports all the CSS3 styles and will offer to auto-complete it for you as you start typing the initial few letters of the CSS3 property.

Another thing I d like to add here is, of course this will only solve the border radius issue, you can use the jquery corner plugin wherein you specify the selector and assign the corner function to it like this


This will apply the moz, webkit etc declarations at run time automatically based on the browser accessing it. There are more ways you can use the corner plugin too.

$(".button").corner('5px'); //specify border radius


$(".button").corner('tl tr'); //apply border radius only to top left and top right

jQuery corner:

Komodo Edit:

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+1 @saganbyte for jQuery info. What I want in the question is a compiler which sets all necessory attributes (and all possible like moz-border and webkit-border together) via some property set menu. I want all related attributes (thats y i said i want both) since I want cross-browser solution. – blasteralfred Ψ Apr 23 '12 at 12:16

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