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On my local machine, I visit the url http://api.deezer.com/2.0/search/artist?q=feeder and get the correct json data returned. On my live server, I curl the same url, and get returned the json.


http status code is 200, and I don't believe I've hit the rate limit, having tested on my local machine with a similar load.

I can only suspect that someone else on the server (On a shared host here), has hit the API and got blacklisted, or they still respond when a rate limit is hit but with no notification of that fact.

Anyone got any suggestions? Currently short of waiting a few hours and trying again, I'm stumped.

(P.S. Anyone with enough rep want to make a "Deezer" tag?)

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I've made a Deezer tag as I am working with a project centered around Deezer data and too think it would be useful. –  barfoon Jul 9 '12 at 22:13

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I asked this exact question to Deezer devs. The answer is that you need to have an access token to consume the data this way.

See more here: http://developers.deezer.com/api/oauth

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Thanks for the info. This is indeed correct. I contacted them a while back, went back and forth a bit to get to the bottom of things. I should have updated here with the answer, so thanks =] –  Relequestual Jul 12 '12 at 22:35

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