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I am using Antlr (with Java) to parse some programs. I need to construct a graph out of parsed information. Later I want to run graph-algorithms on it which are already written in C++.

Right now I am using xml to dump the parsed information into a graph like data-structure. Then I have to parse this XML using c/c++ to make a native graph. Big headache!

Is there any graph library in Java which can help me directly dump this information into a standard graph format such as GraphML or GraphViz. Or any other format which is supported by python-networkx. I can manipuate and visulalize graphs using python-networkx. It's a good package for such purpose.

I dont want to use java for graph processing or graph vizualization. My algorithms are alerady implemented in c/c++. I only need to dump the graph into standard format.

I have carelessly looked at some java-graph libraries such as JgraphT etc. Before using any of them, I 'd like some advice by someone who has already used java for similar purpose.

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To answer my own question, I have found this java library suffcient for my purpose.

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