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I am working on an application in .Net Frame in which I am using Apache FOP to generate and send pdf files directly to the printer.
There are two parts of this application:
1. Generate PDF files using .xml, .xsl and .fo files in .Net
2. Send the generated PDF file directly to the attached printer.

I am successful in generating the PDF files using Apache FOP.Net/nFOP libraries. But I am unable to send the generated file or formatted xml data (combined using .xml, .xsl, .fo files) directly to the printer.

I have worked on Apache FOP in java and completed the application with both the features (File generation and printing). But now I have to develop these two features in .Net application.

It seems that there is no printing functionality available in the .net versions of Apache FOP. And I found some Printing Functions in Java applications using FOP but no help for .Net print using FOP. I did lot of research and checked many solutions available on the internet.

NOTE: I also worked with the java to .Net converted codes. I used IKVM method but its not porting java code into my .net applications.

If you guys know how can I perform these task then please share your experiences here.

Suggestions and recommendations are welcome.


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Did you try running a batch file from your .NET code http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/output.html#general-direct-output

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I didn't find any way to pass the parameters to this command. Can you show me how to pass parameters and call the command? – mirfan00 Apr 23 '12 at 12:16

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