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IN my metro application i want to create a semantic view for the page.

For that i am manually creating a grouped collection object using foreach loop. I am not using LINQ to group the object collection because of some reason .

SO now when i try to populate semantic zoom it displays nothing(no semantic zoom).

How can i bind my own collection to grouped collection source


  <CollectionViewSource x:Name="GroupedSource"  IsSourceGrouped="true" />

Code behind file

  GroupedSource.Source =context.Collection; // my own grouped collection..

When using LINQ it working fine.But i cant use lINQ because of some reasons

Is there anything else i need to do to get

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Have you read this?… – Filip Skakun Apr 23 '12 at 18:22

Try using this code to set the source:

(semanticZoom.ZoomedOutView as ListViewBase).ItemsSource = GroupedSource.View.CollectionGroups;
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Need a bit more detail, but. The IsSourceGrouped="true" is only half of the story unless you bind to a hierrachal datasource. You need to specify the property that contains the child collection - ItemsPath="myItems" as an xaml property of the CollectionViewSource. If that is not the issue it may be a case of precidence of execution. put a break point and check context.Collection is populated before it is used, if context.Collection is an ObservableCollection you should be able to populate at anytime (ie. async fill).

<CollectionViewSource x:Name="GroupedSource"  IsSourceGrouped="true" ItemsPath="Items" /> 
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