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I have a Richfaces listShuttle component that I need to have the source values (left side) sorted. For this purpose, after the value of the component has changed, I have a backing bean method to sort the elements, and the I want to rerender the listShuttle.

the xhtml code:

    <rich:listShuttle id="#{id}_listShuttle"
        targetValue="#{bean.selectedItems}" var="item"
        fastOrderControlsVisible="false" orderControlsVisible="false"

        <f:converter converterId="#{converterId}" />
        <a4j:support event="onlistchanged" action="#{bean.sortList}"
            reRender="#{updateId}, #{id}_listShuttle" />

            <h:outputText value="#{item.name}" />

It is a component I use in more places, so I pass some parameters to it.

The problem is that the action action="#{bean.sortList}" is executed after the rerender phase. I want this action to be executed before the rerender phase.

The order of the actions is this: - getDisplayedItems - setDisplayedItems - sortList

Any idea how to make the listShuttle rerender after the sortList action?

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How did you end up sorting this out, Alina? –  Lisa Apr 29 at 4:44

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Would adding immediate=true to your sortList do the trick ?

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