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If i try to run "___sad" in the interpreter for the following grammar

grammar identTest;

    language = Java;

goal: identifier;

fragment Letter: (('a'..'z') | ('A'..'Z'));
fragment Digit : '0' .. '9';
identifier :IDENTIFIER;

WS:(' '|'\r'|'\t'|'\u000C'|'\n') {$channel=HIDDEN;};

Interpreter output: interpreter Debugger output: debugger

Interpreter includes underscore letter and debugger seems just ignores it! I expect to get some kind of exception in this case (since only 'A'-'z' letters are defined in the grammar). What is wrong with my grammar?

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Don't use the interpreter: it's buggy.

Using the debugger you can view the warnings/errors/exceptions your parser produces after pressing the Output button (lower left corner). When doing so, you will see the following:

.../__Test___input.txt line 1:0 no viable alternative at character '_'
.../__Test___input.txt line 1:1 no viable alternative at character '_'
.../__Test___input.txt line 1:2 no viable alternative at character '_'

The parser simply recovers from the underscores and continues parsing.

If you don't want your lexer to recover from such no viable alternative warnings, simply create a fall through lexer rule (called OTHER) and throw an exception from it:

grammar identTest;

    language = Java;

goal       : identifier;
identifier : IDENTIFIER;

WS         : (' '|'\r'|'\t'|'\u000C'|'\n') {$channel=HIDDEN;};
OTHER      : . {throw new RuntimeException("unknown char: '" + $text + "'");};

fragment Letter : (('a'..'z') | ('A'..'Z'));
fragment Digit  : '0' .. '9';
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