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Is there any elegant way to accomplish list of values separated by character (comma, forward slash etc.)?

Rob, Jon, Dan, Paul

I am using ICanHaz JavaScript implementation of the Mustache syntax.

<script id="nameTemplate" type="text/html">
    <span>Name {{#names}}{{.}} {{/names}}</span>

But this will give incorrect result

Rob, Jon, Dan, Paul,

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AFAIK there is no build in feature like that, so you can do like that:


<script id="nameTemplate" type="text/html">


var namesAsArrayOfObjects = {
    "names": [
      {"name": "Rob"},
      {"name": "John"},
      {"name": "Dan", "last": true}

var user = ich.nameTemplate(namesAsArrayOfObjects);

Result is here: http://jsfiddle.net/alexpetrov/VS2jQ/

Another solution, less elegant on my taste:

<script id="nameTemplate" type="text/html">

<div id="output"></div>
var namesAsArrayOfStrings = {    
    "_counter": 1,
    "names": ['Rob', 'John', 'Alice'],
    "trimed": function() {            
        return function(text, render) {                            
            var text = render(text) + 
(namesAsArrayOfStrings._counter != namesAsArrayOfStrings.names.length ? "," : "");

            return text;            

var user = ich.nameTemplate(namesAsArrayOfStrings);

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Wow, great answer Alex! I was little bit afraid that there isn't built-in solution for it. I think I'll use your first solution. Thanks! –  Tx3 May 6 '12 at 12:11

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