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Given is following database-structure:


- id
- model
- manufacturerID
- subcontractorID

manufacturerID and subcontractorID are referencing to one and the same table, because some manufacturers are also subcontractors:


- id
- name

Now, if I want to select both of these columns, how do I do that?

I tried something like this...

SELECT p.model, m.name AS Manufacturer, m.name AS Subcontractor
FROM Product AS p
LEFT JOIN Manufacturers AS m ON p.manufacturerID = m.id
LEFT JOIN m ON p.subcontractorID = m.id

... but I could only get one of both column-values.

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Close - you need to join the Manufacturer table twice:

     p.model, manufacturer.name AS Manufacturer, 
     subcontractor.name AS Subcontractor
     Manufacturers AS manufacturer  
     ON p.manufacturerID = manufacturer.id LEFT JOIN 
     Manufacturers AS subcontractor 
     ON p.subcontractorID = subcontractor.id
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thanks for the quick response! –  macstens Apr 23 '12 at 12:01

Try this one:

LEFT JOIN Manufacturers AS mman ON p.manufacturerID = mman.id
LEFT JOIN Manufacturers AS msub ON p.subcontractorID = msub.id
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