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Is it possible to show images made with a facebook app (which are uploaded by them to the users facebook gallery) inside another website?

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You can retrieve images for the current user which she has uploaded with another app. The current user needs to be logged in with access token and you need



You can retrieve urls to the photos with an FQL query and some client-side parsing:

First, query the FQL stream table for stream post attachments where the field "app_id" = the other app's id.

SELECT attachment FROM stream WHERE source_id=me() AND app_id=OTHER_APP_ID

This retrieves attachments for all posts done using the other app.

It's possible the query can be further narrowed down as follows, but I don't have a data set to test it on:

SELECT attachment FROM stream WHERE source_id=me() AND app_id=OTHER_APP_ID AND type=247

where 247 means photos. It could save you some work client-side (The two AND look hackish, perhaps someone can suggest a better statement...).

Once you have your response, parse the JSON. Each 'attachment' has a field called "media" which is an array. For each array item, check if type="photo". If it is, the "src" field will contain a url link to a small version of the uploaded photo.

To illustrate, here is the beginning of a sample JSON response:

"attachment": {
    "media": [
        "type": "photo", 
        "src": "https://...._s.jpg", 

The JSON response also contains links to other sizes.

For more information about the stream table please see the Facebook Developers docs.

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Yes this is possible but the users hae to give you authorization to acces their photos.

You can do this by getting extended permission:

$uid = $facebook->getUser();  

$url = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array(  
'req_perms' => 'user_photos' ));  
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I think he wants to be able to filter by his "app." – Nix Apr 23 '12 at 14:50

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