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I have created a simple gwt application (with gwt 2.4) that makes a single RPC call.

When I run this in GWT Dev mode, it runs fine, however when I try to run this on a server- this is the message that I get --

POST 404 (Not Found)

I have copied all files from the WAR folder in my Eclipse GWT project, to the web server's folder. The web server uses Tomcat 5.5(with Cpanel control panel). I copied these files, after successfully compiling the files ("GWT Compile Project")...

What have i done wrong here? Have i missed some files? I have copied everything from war folder, including "WEB-INF" folder and its contents, to the web server.

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I think, copying the Eclipse project's WAR folder is not the appropriate way to deploy a GWT application to a server.

You first have to compile for production mode (see Understanding the GWT compiler), then with the resulting JavaScript files, create a WAR including server side classes which you can deploy to a Tomcat server. (See Deploy a GWT Application)

You can use Ant or Maven to automate this process.

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@vanje- sorry, thats my mistake that i forgot to mention this in the question- i compiled the project successfully and only after that copied the files into the server... Also, in cpanel based server, you can directly copy the files (jsp/servlet) into the server- I dont know how to upload a WAR directly to the server- and the server does have separate folder for "WEB-INF"... – Arvind Apr 23 '12 at 12:39

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