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Using Visual Studio 2010 I would like to do a project level regular expression replace as below.

Find: #region {any string here}

Replace: #region - string from above -

I tried the below:


region '{[^]+}'

region {:q}

But the IDE complains about an incorrect pattern. How can I fix this?

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[^] is not (missing thing)... try '\{[^}]+\}' –  jsobo Apr 23 '12 at 12:15

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Ahhh, Visual Studio regexes... They shouldn't be called a regex since they diverge to much of what is "standard"

I fired up VS and after some trial and error this works:


\#region \{{.*}\}


#region - \1 -
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Search: {\#region:b+}{.*}

Replace: \1 - \2 -

If you're specifically searching for the '{' and '}',

Search: {\#region:b+}\{{.*}\}

With quotes:

Search: {\#region:b+}{'.*'}

To remove quotes:

Search: {\#region:b+}'{.*}'

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