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I want to create a application with these patterns, but i dont know if i doing it right. For example i want to remove a address from a contact:

ContactController.cs (UI)

    public void RemoveAddress(int contactId, int addressId)
        using (UnitOfWork unitOfWork = new UnitOfWork())
            ContactService contactService = new ContactService(unitOfWork);
            contactService.RemoveAddress(contactId, addressId);

ContactService.cs (Service Layer)

    public void RemoveAddress(int contactId, int addressId)
        // Check if users contact
        Contact contact = _contactRepository.GetByUser(contactId, _userId);
        if (contact == null)
            throw new Exception("Contact not exists!");

        AddressService addressService = new AddressService(_unitOfWork);
        Address address = addressService.GetAddress(addressId);

        // Check if contact has the right address
        if (contact.Address.Contains(address))


AddressService.cs (Service Layer)

    public Address GetAddress(int addressId)
        return _addressRepository.GetById(addressId);

    public void RemoveAddress(Address address)
        address.Contact = null;

The repositories has no logic, they only transport the objects (no dtos). Have i implemented this right and where i map the entities to dtos? Currently i map it in the service, but if i do that, i mix dtos with entities.

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Instead of creating an ContactService manually, take a look at the Dependency Injection pattern. – Steven Apr 23 '12 at 12:55

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