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I'm currently trying to package a software that uses CMake to a .deb package. I've managed to modify the CMakeLists.txt to use CPack and create a .deb file. But one thing that I have not managed to find out even with extensive googling is how do I find out what the CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS variable should contain as dependencies?

I can find out what dependencies the software has on MY computer but how do I find out what the MINIMUM dependencies are? There must be some automatic way of doing this...?

I can see some dependencies from the CMake file but those are for building the project, I want to know what dependencies the binary has.

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You can use

# autogenerate dependency information

See also Auto-Detect Dependencies when Building .debs Using CMake

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Using CMake I'm not aware of a way to "detect" such dependencies automatically.

I think it is also the job of the packager to know what are gonna be the dependencies.

I would suggest you try into a virtual machine with a fresh install of your system.

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