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Is there some built-in way to check how many hours a DateTime with DateTimeZone has?

I've written a small utility class, but would prefer a built-in method.

public class Dst {
    public static long dayHours(DateTime instant) {
        Period day = new Period(0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0);
        return new Duration(instant,;
    public static boolean hasClockChange(DateTime instant) {
        return 24l != Dst.dayHours(instant);
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I do not think that there is a direct way in the JodaTime library, but maybe some shorter:

public static long dayHours(DateTime instant) {
    return new Duration(instant.withMillisOfDay(0), 

This is slightly diffrent from what you posted, because it looks at the day represented by the provided date (discarding the time) and not at the next 23/24/25 hours, what you actually do, which will differ depending on whether the time contained in instant is before or after the time change.

The question I am asking myself is, do you really need the number of hours? Or just whether or not there is a change on that day? Then use something like this:

public static boolean hasClockChange(DateTime instant) {
        zone = DateTimeZone.forID("your-time-zone") // or do this with an appropriate constant
        return zone.getOffset(instant.withMillisOfDay(0)) != zone.getOffset(instant.withHourOfDay(23));

(Provided the time change will not happen after 11pm, which should be okay). You could also return -1/0/1 depending on the direction of time change if you need that information.

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