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On this link (http://kbk-siroki.herokuapp.com/blog/posts/napravljen-update-najnovijih-blog-postova) you can find a blog post with facebook LIKE button. The problem is when a user clicks on the button "post to facebook" element is hidden below other elements. Please, can anyone help me solve the problem so that "post to facebook" is completely displayed?

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Have you tried playing with the z-index? This can ensure that the sendto box is stacked above all other elements when showing. I had a look and it seems as if the element has z-index: 1; Try a higher integer and see if that helps.

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Tom, thanks for your reply. The problem is solved. but not compltely. Pop up facebook window now displays as it should, but as you could see from the link - the text "KATEGORIJE" is displayed inside the pop up - and if you could help me on how to display pop up "above" the text KATEGORIJE I would be very grateful –  Dantes Apr 30 '12 at 16:59

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