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I want to order my data objects from an ORMLite DAO case insensitively.

Currently I am using the following sqlite code to order my owner items case sensitively:

ownerDao.queryBuilder().orderBy("Name", true).query();

I see here that sqlite supports case insensitive "order by" with the following raw SQL:


Any easy way (easier than calling queryRaw()) of adding the desired suffix?

Could an alternative solution be to set the columnDefinition property on the DatabaseField annotation to TEXT COLLATE NOCASE?

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have you tried orderBy("Name COLLATE NOCASE", true) maybe it goes through that way. – zapl Apr 23 '12 at 13:13
I thought about that, but even if that works, it might break with some future version of ORMLite. – Diederik Apr 23 '12 at 13:32
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I think what you want is to use the QueryBuilder.orderByRaw(String) method. It would look something like:

ownerDao.queryBuilder().orderByRaw("Name COLLATE NOCASE").query();

Notice the raw string does not contain the ORDER BY part of the string. To quote the javadocs:

Add raw SQL "ORDER BY" clause to the SQL query statement. This should not include the "ORDER BY".

The TEXT COLLATE NOCASE columnDefinition might work although I don't have any experience with using that at all.

Also, I would not use the orderBy("Name COLLATE NOCASE", true) answer since typically ORMLite tries to escape the column names and the quotes would be in the wrong place.

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orderByRaw("Name COLLATE NOCASE") works as expected. Thanks Gray – Diederik Apr 24 '12 at 6:40

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