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How to add Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart for a category.

In Magento (ver. backend, System > Configuration > Inventory > Product Stock Options tab, you can set the 'Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart' but for Customer Group; not for Category.

We have lots of categories having absolutely different kinds of items and need different MOQs for specified category.

How would I force a minimum of 6 products from the jewellery category and 7 dozen from the bra category?

Thanks, Shaman

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I would suggest you to check out catalog and cart price rules. Moreover it seems that such complex behaviour might be achieved only via custom module. –  Jevgeni Smirnov Apr 23 '12 at 13:44
@JevgeniSmirnov Thank you for your response. I checked out the catalog and cart price rules, it helps a little but it doesn't work as wanted. –  Shaman Apr 24 '12 at 6:50

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What you describe would not be natively possible with Magento. Magento natively provides a 1:many relationship with categories and products,

Ie. A product can be in many categories

What you propose would induce a race condition for a product whereby there could be 2 possible critera for a product's inventory controls if the product exists in more than one category.

Eg. If you set Category A to have a MOQ of 6, and Category B to have a MOQ of 10 and Product C exists in both - which rule does it inherit (highest/lowest)?

As a result, this isn't going to be natively possible, but you could build a custom module to achieve it.

Either ...

Via a category->save() observer

You could create a custom attribute for the category - MOQ, then have your module 'listen' to the category save, and iterate through all products accordingly to set the MOQ for said products.

Advantages - More granular control per product, no speed impact/overheads for frontend

Disadvantages - Slow to save category


By modifying the isSaleable() function

You could rewrite the standard function which determines if a product is saleable. In your modified function, check categories of said product, obtain the MOQ (highest/lowest - whichever) then return true; or return false; accordingly.

Advantages - Less administration hanging around, stops having to continually update indexes at a product level needlessly

Disadvantages - Slower to check if product is saleable (frontend would seem slower)

Either way, you need to build a custom module, or seek a professional to make one for you.

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Thank you for your detailed Answer. Finally I reached the answer as you described in the last line of your answer. –  Shaman Apr 24 '12 at 7:01
@Shaman - Great! Click accept then ... –  Ben Lessani - Sonassi Apr 25 '12 at 14:04

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