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After installing

  1. node.js,
  2. npm,
  3. the latest jEdit for Ubuntu,
  4. the jEdit Console plugin, and
  5. a CoffeeScript commando (sic!),

and then configuring the coffee path in coffee.xml, it won't run because node is not found:

/home/user/local/bin/coffee -c foo.js.coffee
Process /home/user/local/bin/coffee exited with code 127
/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

This is most likely because /home/user/local/bin is missing from the PATH by the time the Console plugin tries to run coffee. Is there some way to provide this environment variable without modifying /home/user/local/bin/coffee?

Tried to set Plugins → Console → System Shell → Subshell extra PATH to /home/user/local/bin, but it didn't take.

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Looks like there was a bug in jEdit / Console. I saved the "Subshell extra PATH" option, closed the dialog, ran coffee and got the same results, checked the options again, and gave up. Restarted jEdit, and found that the option had been removed. Entered it again, and now coffee ran fine. For anyone else who runs into this issue:

  1. Install everything.
  2. Restart jEdit.
  3. Set the "Subshell extra PATH" option.
  4. Profit!
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